Control of Dynamic Systems (ME 4334)

Overview: The purpose of this course is to learn the use of feedback control to modify behavior of dynamic systems, and to gain familiarity with the analytical and numerical tools available for the design and analysis of control systems.

Resources: Lecture notes can be found here.

System Dynamics and Vibrations (ME 3333)

Overview: This course presents a systematic approach to the modeling of dynamic systems across multiple engineering domains, including mechanical, electrical, fluid, thermal, and coupled systems. Linear time-invariant systems in state-space and transfer function forms are used to study free, forced, and harmonic response. The concept of stability is defined and studied for this class of systems. Analytical methods are used to gain understanding; numerical tools are applied to treat complex engineering problems.

Resources: The lab's YouTube channel provides a series of short videos covering concepts on system dynamics. In addition, Texas Tech students have access to additional videos on system dynamics and vibrations concepts, found here.

Independent Study (ME 4331)

Texas Tech students interested in an independent study should reach out about opportunities.